Amir Babaei

CEO and Founder

We are here, for showing that some dreams can come true and as you know great responsibilities are on the shoulders of great men, and we do it just for great persons/users whom deserve it as you!

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Be Happy by Pal

We are going to create a unique image of Pal for our families and beneficiaries. Pal is demanding to differentiate its family from others by giving them new different values ​​and assets.

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Healthy pal, is an application not only about measuring the heath factors, but also about finding a trustable space for being closer together, helping and supporting each other and improving our life style for feeling good.


Being a Pal, innovative and proficient are the most important features of our young team. Modernpal is different because of Pal. Modernpal is a company that has been established on providing pioneering pal-based software in the mobile platform. We are going to be your close friend.

Unit 217,Sarina1 Complex,Khayam Blvd ,Kish Island,I.R.Iran

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